Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The word canister contains the word “can”. Essentially, this means that is a canister vacuum is shaped like a can, a nicely shaped one at that! Canister vacuums offer a high degree of portability in that they can easily be grabbed from a closet, rolled, pulled and carried to any location in your home. The long hose and even longer power cord allow great flexibility when moving throughout rooms of any size, then from room to room, and floor to floor.  It’s not uncommon for customers to have more than one canister vac – one for each floor! It all depends on your needs, wishes and requirements.
Great for a quick pickup of spilled cereal, dog hair on the chair, even a tennis ball that rolled under the sofa, canister vacuums are not all the same.  In fact they vary greatly in terms of build quality, variable power, reliability, features, reputation and more.

Servicing these major brands and more:

Aerus  —  Electrolux  —  Kemore  — Miele